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    Hamilton offers 2 possible options for high speed internet access; Wireless and DSL. Tired of waiting for your computer to dial up? Wish your internet speeds were faster? -- Why wait! We offer "lightning fast" highspeed DSL and Wireless services that will speed up your connection and will no longer take up a valuable phone line. Both services are always on, high speed, no more dialing in. Both services will free up a phone line. Have an additional phone line dedicated to internet? Now you can drop it and save money! Availablilty varies throughout our service area.

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Available in Aurora, Phillips, Giltner, Doniphan, Hampton, Marquette, Hordville, Stockham, and Trumbull.

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Available in Central City, Cairo, Chapman, Sidney, Fullerton, Kearney, Harvard, Ord, Palmer, Gothenburg, Grand Island, Lexington, Silver Creek, St. Paul, and North Platte.

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